, explained the charity team is separate from the corporate marketing side."20 percent of all of▓ our annual profits go to our charitable arm, Lego Foundation, to work with children," Burke told CCTV.com P▓anview in an exclusive interview. "In

Shanghai where▓ my office is, I look for children who don't k

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now about Leg▓o, so I can help kids facing challenges."He added, "But ▓our LET is not connected to the corporate marke▓ting. They (LET) focus on volunteering. They do not go to events giving sales pitches telling pare▓nts to buy Lego."Burke endorses

"Lego Values," ▓which instills a "strong ethical minds▓et in the business for caring."Playing plus learn▓ing as keyThe Danish government and Copenhagen-based Lego are both firm believers in STEM, educating children in science, t▓echnology,  engineering, and mathematics, especi

ally for young girls.Lego had invited the company's Chinese Robot Master -

York - to teach children aged 7-10, to attend a hands-on session on developing robots and coding. The ‘We Do’ sessions allow children to use Tablets in the learning process.In other parts of the site, children w▓ere requested to play with Legos t

o build their very own renewables power plants, ▓such as wind farms."We are con

necting kids to the environment," said an LET organizer. "Here is where kids are thinking, dreaming, iterating and prototyping while engaging in creative collaboration.“Children can▓ receive special certificates by building Lego windmills or other

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